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Junior League - 2nd Competition

Today was the second leg of the Junior League in Sawbridgeworth. 9 competed from Kaizen Central (Sean, Katy and Victor from Kaizen Gunns). Everybody stepped up a level today scoring plenty of points. Congratulations to the 6-7 year olds who won every round in their group. 8-9 year olds won two of their four rounds but scored very highly in all their fights, just need to control each fight when in the lead. But again well done guys. Due to low numbers Victor and Olly fought In...dividually. Again both scoring well and managed to get a couple of victories, both were unlucky to lose some of their other fights. Couple of things to work on but you both did very well. Each fighter showed improvement from each fight to the next. Myself and Jordan were proud of you all. More positives to take us forward.

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