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Kaizen Gunns Karate Club is a part of Kaizen Central Karate Federation.  Kaizen Central was founded in 1997 by two of Britain’s top Karate-Ka, William Thomas 7th Dan and Mervyn Etienne 6th Dan who between them have over 50 years of experience in Karate dating back to the 1980’s. Both are experienced International competitors and held numerous English, British, European and World titles.


Kaizen Central is a multi-style organisation practising Shotokan and Sport Karate. Clubs under the same style operate a similar syllabus maintaining a set standard within each style.


The name "Kaizen" is adopted by the federation and is a widely used term for "Continuous Development". This reflects the federation’s philosophy to always be in pursuit of excellence. We encourage all members to be continually developing, growing and improving whilst practising Karate.


Kaizen Central is an equal opportunities Federation. Our aim is to ensure that each member receives equal opportunities irrespective of race, sex, marital status, age, religion, disability, sexuality or nationality. The KCKF will continually review its procedures to ensure no groups facing discrimination are treated un-favourably in any way that may have an adverse effect on them as members of the KCKF.

Meet our Instructors
Sensei Paul Gunn

4th Dan

European Judge

Kaizen Central Chief Instructor

Kaizen Central Chief Referee

Sensei Kerry Colpus

3rd Dan

English Champion (x2)

British Champion (x5)

Kaizen Central Coach

Sensei Dean Gunn

3rd Dan

English Champion

British Champion

Kaizen Central Coach

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