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I.K.G.A Junior Invitational

Today saw Kaizen Gunns take a small squad to I.K.G.A Junior Invitational. First up was Sean. He let his opponent know he meant business with another jodan mawashi geri, starting to become his trademark. This soon woke Sean's opponent up and sadly he was too much for Sean on this occasion. You are due for the luck of the draw soon Sean. Victor was up against a tough competitor next. With a long reach this was always going to be a tough fight. Victor was unable to overcome his ...opponent but has plenty to take away from his fight. Finally we had Aaron. A close fight was fought between him and his opponent with the score 1-1 going into the last 20 seconds. Unfortunately Aaron was caught by two good punches and was unable to land a good chudan kick in the final few seconds. Don't be disheartened boys you all put up a good fight and these are hard steps you have to overcome to get to where you want to be. Onwards and upwards 💪

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