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KDF Open Championship

Today saw the future of Kaizen Central competing at the KDF Open Championship. Kata was first on the Agenda. Katy and Taesha were up first both against tough opposition. Katy won beat her opponent with a strong Heian Nidan. Taesha was unlucky to have lost to one of the finalists. Katy missed out on the second round but only by one flag. Next up was Sean who performed his best kata to date but also was unlucky with the draw and missed out.

Moving on to Kumite and again first up was Katy. Being her first competition competing in Kumite Katy did very well but drawing the fight she lost 2-1 on decision and was very unlucky. Next up was Taesha, and with several convincing wins she reached the finals not dropping a point till this point. The final was tough giving away a few inches in height and years on age. But against the odds Taesha stepped up to the challenge and narrowly missed out on the gold but achieved a well deserved silver medal. Sean was up next. Sean's luck was not with him today drawing the winner of his group in the first round but he showed great promise and we know his day will come soon enough. Victor was our fourth fighter today who had similar luck to Sean in drawing the winner of his group in the first round also. There were plenty of positives from Victor's performance being that he was the only competitor to score points on the winner. Our second from last fighter of the day was Oliver. Oliver reached the final with ease beating his opponents 8-1 and 4-0. In the final Oliver had a difficult opponent to break down and missed out on the gold. Being his opponent was two years his elder Oliver did well to take 2 points from the fight but deservedly took a silver. Last of the day was Kyle. Picking his points carefully Kyle won his first fight 8-0 to reach the final. Kyle went behind in the final 2-1 but showed great maturity to listen and find his points and win 4-2 and take home the gold ! Great effort from all today. Those that didn't medal you should be proud of yourselves as we were very happy with you all. Thank you to all who came and supported all the competitors and it was good to see the whole Kaizen Central family supporting each other.

Medal tally : Taesha Thomas Silver Kumite Oliver Mann Silver Kumite Kyle Wallace Gold Kumite

Keep up the hard work everyone you will soon be seeing the reward 💪 👊

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